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My photographs are documents of my experiences from places that I visit. I am drawn to the landscape because it is dynamic, and is always evolving. There are infinite combinations of light, weather, and clouds. This is the emotional content of what attracts me to create photographs. My photographs are objects that record my observations in a physical place that is specific to that time. The images are a connection between myself and the physical space of the landscape. The creative process of documenting that experience is my objective.


There are forms found within the landscape that are dynamic. They have a visual characteristic that speaks to you on a level of aesthetics, and you become moved to record that experience. These forms are isolated elements of composition, and are selected to become photographs. The ground glass of the lens excludes all other elements within the landscape, except for the isolated form that has become my subject. My photographs are statements of observations, conveyed in a visual language, defined by light and form.

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